Objective and Scope of the Programs

  • The main objective of setting up of the Indian Culinary Institute (ICI) is to institutionalize a mechanism to support efforts intended to preserve, document, promote and disseminate Indian Cuisine, meet the sectoral requirement of specialists specific to Indian Cuisine, as also of promoting Cuisine as a Niche Tourism product. .

  • The ICIs will be Centres of Excellence which will offer structured regular programmes of study specific to culinary arts and culinary management leading to graduate and post-graduate level degrees, promote research and innovation, organize demand-driven certificate and diploma courses, document and create database specific to Indian cuisine and commission studies and survey on cuisine.

  • The need for ICI was felt as the formal education specific to Indian cuisine, a culinary art, with pan India sweep is conspicuous by its absence. There is no regular credible institutional source at apex level for the supply of cuisine specialists to the Sector. Also, there was no institutional mechanism to document and disseminate knowledge related to cuisine and gastronomy.

Aims & Objectives of the Indian Culinary Institute Society

  • To offer structured regular programmes of study specific to culinary arts leading to graduate and post graduate level degrees;To deposit all moneys credited to the fund in such banks or to invest them in such manner as the Society may, with the approval of the Central Government decides;

  • To draw, make, accept, endorse, and discount cheques, notes or other negotiable instruments, and for these purposes to sign, execute and deliver such assurances and deeds as may be necessary;

  • To pay out of the funds belonging to the society or out of any particular part of such funds the expenses incurred by the Society from time to time including all expenses incidental to the formation of the Society and Management and Administration of any of the foregoing objects including all rent, rates, taxes, outgoings and the salaries of the employees;

  • To maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts including the balance sheet in such form as may be prescribed by the Central Government;

  • To have the accounts of the Society audited in such manner as the Central Government may direct and to forward annually to the Central Government the accounts duly certified by the auditors together with the audit report thereon;

  • To constitute such committees or sub-committees as it may deem fit;

  • To delegate all or any of its powers to the Board of Governors of the Institute or to the Executive Committee or to any of the committees or sub-committees constituted by the Society or the Board, or to any one or more members of its bodies or its officers;

  • To do all such lawful acts, deeds or things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society.

Mr. Gyan Bhushan (IES)

Director's Message

Indian Culinary Institute (ICI) an autonomous institute under Ministry of Tourism, Government of India commissioned at Noida and Tirupati, which are the state-of-art Institutes and is expected to be at par with the best International Culinary Institutes.

The Indian tourism industry today added another step for further promotion and development of culinary tourism in India as the ICI will attract the best of the talents in the specialized field with a world class infrastructure such as culinary studio with facility to have smart class rooms, specialized kitchens and microbiology labs with modern and latest equipment, training restaurants for various cuisines, modern hostel facility for boys and girls.

This is the time of specialization and Culinary Art is a highly specialized field of education for Hospitality Industry today. The curriculum is being designed in close association with the best in the Culinary field- both from Industry and Academia.

This will ensure high employability and placement in the niche area apart from making the students ready for their own entrepreneurial venture. For young students, this is the right time to join the culinary industry for jobs and a lucrative and satisfying career. The initiative of Government of India by commissioning Indian Culinary Institutes at Noida and Tirupati will fulfil dreams of many of the students to make their career in this field.

The students of this Institute will not only service the domestic industry but also contribute internationally as an ambassador of India’s rich and diversified food heritage. I feel proud and privileged to announce academic program in the ICI Campuses in a collaborative scheme of IGNTU.